Kanye West: The Power Of Yeezus Compels You

By on June 13, 2013

In case you didn’t already know, Mr. West is back (he ain’t really go nowhere tho). And I aint talkin bout his tabloid covers, he’s coming out with his new album named Yeezus

Here’s a few things you can learn from Kanye and his latest promotion of his new album Yeezus.


Kanye has lately been using this one a lot, but man it’s powerful. He’s actually making just the listening to, of his music, an amazing event. His last album, he made a movie and got a ton of hype off of it, this time around guess what he did…

He premiered a video of his song on the walls of buildings in the city. Several buildings in the city and he created a hysteria of people trying to make it to these grimey screenings.


Now, another important thing Yeezy Da Gawd does is position himself so that he’s clearly in a class of his own. Take note here, because EVERY artist can do this (see How To Stand Out). I call this “Anti-Positioning”, if you don’t stand for something at least stand against something. He literally goes against every pre conception that goes on in the music industry.

– His beats sound COMPLETELY opposite of what everyone else is doing right now
– He raps about subjects that no else talks about.
– He does whatever type of music he wants (unlike everybody else)
– He doesn’t have a mothaf$@%!in ALBUM COVER!
– He calls himself the anti-celebrity
– etc


Now in a dream world, we would just do the music we love and not care what our fans say, or what the critics say. But in reality most artists aren’t savvy enough to have a successful album without RADIO.

Not that it’s impossible, but it’s more challenging. Using tools like free publicity, kanye has stayed top of mind in his market. People think he will sell just because his name, but if that was the case he would just put it out and call it a day. But he’s not doing that he’s purposefully using press to his advantage.

Here’s how he uses PR to his advantage:

    – Rants
    – Random calls to radio stations
    – Dating Kim Kardashian
    – Song Premiere
    – Album Listening Session
    – Outrageous shock statements in interviews>
    – Blasphemous Album Title
    – etc


Leave a comment, tell me what you think about this post and how you plan on using some of these strategies for your next launch! Holla!

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