3 Ways To Avoid Embarassingly Low Music Sales

By on January 17, 2013

I can’t help but notice how sad it is seeing hundreds of artists on facebook and twitter everyday that just dropped their new mixtape or new song and just hope and pray that somebody buys or listens to their sh*ttt.

But yet when they put it out, with their hopes up, twinkles and dreams in their eyes, only to fall flat on their face when not a soul buys their music…They post up that facebook post and right before they post, they say to themselves:


5 Minutes later…All you hear is “Crickets”

If your reading this post, you’ve either done this yourself or you know someone. What I want you to know is that it doesn’t HAVE to be like this, if you tried something new instead of what every single rapper on facebook and twitter does, and you actually did something that was proven to work then you’d take an epic DOOKIE on all your “competition” on the interwdebs. Here’s 3 ways to avoid embarassing music sales right now for your next launch.

Build a LIST

The first mistake most rapper’s are making is thinking that they can build a facebook and twitter is enough. It might help to build a relationship with your fans but it is the WORST way to reach your fans. Studies show that 77% of your fans prefer email for you to contact them. People go on facebook and twitter to chill and eat sh*t with their friends, not to buy sh*t.

So build yourself an EMAIL LIST, so you can be in control of what message they see and how they see it, not hope and pray that facebook or twitter shows your status update at the exact time that they logged on. If you do shows you can also get email addresses from all the people there by offering something crazy for free, or a sweepstakes. Whatever you do, you NEED to build an email list.

You can build an email list by having sign up forms on your facebook pages and just straight up asking your fans on facebook for their email in exchange for a song. The most effective way and the way most major artists build email lists is to have people sign up on your own website in exchange for a free song or something.

The key here is having them raise their hand by filling out a form, saying they want you to send them more emails.

(See How To Promote Your Mixtape for more info)

AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE: Do not spam people. It doesn’t work!!!

Build an AMAZING relationship with your fans

– Now once you actually have an EMAIL LIST you got to treat each one of your fans like gold, by sending them stuff that theyre into, like new songs, behind the scenes videos of new music, remixes of songs they know, vlogs, updates about shows, funny videos, etc

This is super important. The whole reason why artists like the Beatles, Michael Jackson or Drake sell is because of the relationship they have with their fans. Those fans in the audience screaming their name should be all the proof you need!

The key to all your messages and communications with your fans is that you want it to seem like one on one, so it strengthens the relationship. Talking to your fans on your email list and asking them what they want and then giving it to them is another great way to build the relationship.

Give Them A REASON Why

– You gotta understand something really importante here. If you don’t pay attention to anything else on this page, then just pay attention to this.

If you don’t give people a reason why they should go check out your music, go buy your music, go buy tickets to a show, they ain’t gone buy sh*t! People are just naturally lazy. You need to motivate them. With a reason why. The more irrestible you can make that reason the better.
Most rappers post up statuses like:


What’s missing here…hmm…no reason why I should check this shit out!

Here’s a few types of reason why’s you can use:

    *Powerful Story (If you make your relationship with your fans an ongoing story they will want to keep checking what’s new in the story and where the story is going next)
    *Great Deal
    *Other people’s experiences with your music
    *Controversial song topics
    *Crazy Stunts
    *Limited amount of copies
    *Mixing your status to check out your music with something about some popular topic.


I think you get the idea. Now I hope you put this info to use right away for your next album, mixtape or song and what I need you to do next is just comment in the box below and type in 2 things.

1. Type out what you learned in this post and exactly how you plan on using it in your next launch.
2. Tell me what you want me to cover in the next post.



  1. Young Gutta AKA YG

    July 23, 2012 at 7:35 pm

    Yo I always love ya tips and they work keep it comming

  2. Sixxnyne

    July 25, 2012 at 12:04 am

    Appreciate the orderly fashion tip, you gave me a reason. I would like you to blog about creativity, how to stand out and versatility an how do you feel about sampling

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