what we do

We help rappers on the come up, create the best possible music and get it out to the world. We do this by giving you the music you need to be relevant in today’s music industry, also by giving you the info you need to become a top notch rapper, and amazing tips to actually get your music payed attention to, heard and bought by the people that matter most…your fans..

With over 8 years of experience we give you tested and proven HOT beats, you get:

  • Top Notch Music Production Experience
  • Hands on song crafting
  • Custom production for your album
  • Advice to guide your music career
  • How to make a living off your music
Beat Bundles
If your just starting out or even if you ‘ve been a member for a while the beat bundles are the first place you need to start…Checkout our current selection!
Live Events
We offer conferences and workshops every year to walk you by the hand on creating and selling your music, check back often for information and updates on when we’re throwing the next one!

GKIC Conferences

We have videos and books to show you step by step on what you need to do from the minute you choose your rap name until your living off your musice. We’re currently working on some new courses, check back often to find courses for you!

GKIC Membership

Personal Coach/Producer
Not sure where to start? Stuck in the middle of a campaign and want professional help?
We’re here to help, we offer results-based music career coaching and custom music for your project.
Contact us for more info!

GKIC Coaching